Embed Video Copyright Disclaimer

Videosdesk.com uses programs that auto-populate the video section from selected websites that allow external embedding. The programs search for certain keywords and embed videos onto Videosdesk.com and its affiliates.

Videos on Videosdesk.com that are embedded from youtube.com, dailymotion.com or other websites are solely owned by the original content up loader of that particular video. Videosdesk.com, its advertisers or other affiliates claim no ownership of the content, or are responsible for the possible legal outcome of the video. Videosdesk.com does not have any control over the embedded videos. The ability to embed a video from such sites is either allowed of denied by the original content up loader on the initial website and has no connection to Videosdesk.com. 

If you believe that a video that has been embedded on videosdesk.com violates your right, or if you own the copyright if the video, please refer to the copyright policies of the above mentioned websites in order to have the video removed. You can also report the video on our website on the video page for review and/or removal of the embedded video from Videosdesk.com